Welcome to V.I.P. Care Management’s

 Elder Care Resource Library

V.I.P. Care Management offices are home the Elder Care Resource Library: An actual showcase of Palm Beach County’s Senior Services and Facilities  which is open to the public, by appointment.

Imagine being able to visit the library one time and gather all the community resource brochures and business cards that you need in one visit. Our self-help center is Free to the public.

Do you need our guidance and recommendations? Schedule a 30 minute Paid consultation with a Care Manager and they will help you identify the exact facilities and resources who can meet your needs. You will save time and aggravation with a little guidance from us.

Our Care Managers can even offer Service Coordination and Facility Placement Services to help you secure the services and facilities you need at a price you can afford.

Looking for Value? Most of the services showcased by the Elder Care Resource Library will offer special discounts to seniors who have been referred by us.