V.I.P. Care Management

The V.I.P staff are compassionate professionals with vast knowledge about geriatric issues, senior community services, and problem solving for aging concerns.

We are community resource specialists who may assess client needs and arrange for all services and benefits available from private and/or not-for-profit providers, government agencies, and health care facilities. We often refer to and collaborate with other professionals in the fields of Elder Law, Medicaid Planning, Financial Planning, Insurance, Geriatric Medicine, and Home Health.

We consult with family members, provide support, and provide assistance to family guardians. Our care management services allow family members to manage their own busy lives while being assured that their loved one’s needs are being met.

Florida is unique because of our large population of  residents who are senior adults, many of whom need some degree of care or assistance. The families of our aging residents often live far away in other states or countries.

When the challenges of aging arise, family members often spend considerable time and money coming to the aid of their loved ones. But once the family member goes  home, the problems often resurface. The truth is, although families wish they could help, there is only so much they can do from a distance.

What Can A Care Manager Do For You?

Many seniors are living in South Florida far away from all of their other family members. When they have difficulties due to aging, their concerned family members do what they can from a distance. We are a local service dedicated to making life easier and safer for everyone concerned.

Whether You Live Around The Corner or Around The World, V.I.P. Care Management Offers Peace of Mind For The Entire Family

Our Care Managers can help with a small project such as nursing home placement or manage a person’s entire lifestyle, long term. Because we utilize a team approach, our scope of knowledge and duties is not limited to the knowledge or skills of just one Care Manager.

Care Managers perform an Assessment to determine the needs and desires of the client and / or family. The Assessment can focus on one area of concern or consider all life management areas such as: medical, social, psychological, legal, financial, insurance, environmental, housing, etc.

A Care Plan can then be developed to map out a long-term or short-term plan of action for both the family and Care Manager. A Care Plan is designed to solve problems or manage tasks in all of the life management areas. The Care Plan is then followed so the client and family will have their needs met. Our Care Managers can give reports to designated family members or responsible parties such as individuals with Power of Attorney, trust officers and guardians to keep them appraised of significant changes in the client’s situation.

Care Managers can identify the need for other professionals such as physicians, lawyers, therapists, home health care and domestic helpers. Care Managers are your link to those services and can provide on-going monitoring to assure success.

In some cases, where there may be family discord, the Care Manager can be the buffer and mediator to ensure that communication is achieved.

In times of medical crisis, the Care Manager can meet the client at the hospital and provide necessary documents, medical histories, medication lists, living wills, etc. Often hospitals will not give updates to families over the phone. The Care Manager if authorized can go to the hospital, collect as much information as possible and keep the family informed.

Care Managers Are The Eyes and Ears of The Family

Is your aging loved one at risk for financial exploitation? We can help. Let us guide you through this complicated process.

Our concept of Care Management is comprehensive. We do everything the children would do, if they were able. With over 25 years of experience, we will help make a difficult time of life, a little easier.

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V.I.P. Care Management, Inc.

Geriatric Care Managers

We Care About Your Needs… V.I.P. Care Management Services Include The Following:

  • Elder Care Assessments
  • Care Planning
  • Geriatric Care Management
  • Client Advocacy
  • Fiduciary Services
  • Bank Assistance
  • Assisted Living Selection, Placement and Monitoring
  • Nursing Home Selection, Placement, and Monitoring
  • Home Health Care Selection and Monitoring
  • Referrals to Legal and Financial Services
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Information and Referral
  • Real Estate Management
  • Real Estate Sales
  • Estate Liquidation
  • Trust Services